What we offer

We built teams around specific projects:

either start to incubate a new venture together with you and/ or a founder team

we recruit to build a team of experts to work with a corporate partner to build a venture/ venture portfolio

In any case, you can expect an exciting, inspiring and highly professional working environment, develop competencies and work in very attractive growth segments as part of a strong team with an adequate salary and the opportunity to accrue necessary equity for your business. We want to have success together and share it in a self-determined and personality-orientated corporate culture based on trust.

What we expect you to bring to the table

High motivation and performance

Starting up a company – as an entrepreneur or a member of the core team – is a challenging task requiring high commitment, the ability to work under pressure and a distinctive capability to analyse and communicate.

Personality and teamwork

Real progress is often based on individual initiatives of strong personalities. Successful ventures require small core teams of strong personalities who combine the drive for initiative with best-foot-forward team spirit. Teamwork and responsibility are based on appreciating diversity, freedom, tolerance, respect, a culture of constructive controversy and readiness to support each other going the extra mile.


Self-determination working in motivated teams requires all participants to set the bar high – for themselves, the results and the mutual goal.

The inspiration behind the brand

Anne Robert Jacques Turgot, 1727-1781
French statesman / thinker .... Leading figure of the Enlightenment and courageous state and economic reformer

• Founder of economics and mentor of Adam Smith
• Laws of yield and the importance of capital formation
• Benefits of division of labour and trade
• Social responsibility of capital

Perceptive, open and direct.