Engaged as investor and entrepreneur

Digital patient self-care programs

Integrate care offering Schizophrenia

Marketing services offered via crowd sourcing

eCommerce yacht supplies

Trading energy and commodities

Recycling of used motor oil

Digital patient programs for psychological support

Revamping in the energy industry

Ambulatory stepped care services for patients with psychiatric diseases

Beauty products

Luxury Real Estate

Smart Metering

Working with corporate partners 

Speciality pharmacy

Academic Medical Centre

Pharmaceutical Company

Public Health Services

Private Equity


Digital marketplace for consumer

Automotive Supply


Non-Profit Sector /Social Services

Fertility Clinics

The inspiration behind the brand

Anne Robert Jacques Turgot, 1727-1781
French statesman / thinker .... Leading figure of the Enlightenment and courageous state and economic reformer

• Founder of economics and mentor of Adam Smith
• Laws of yield and the importance of capital formation
• Benefits of division of labour and trade
• Social responsibility of capital

Perceptive, open and direct.