Philosophy and Values

We strive  to create long-term and sustainable corporate value. We look for creating value for customers, building advantages in the market place, generating strong cash flows and achieving sustainable and strong growth.

With substance and benefit

We focus on businesses that contribute substantially to a market, benefit society and nature, and therefore have an enduring right to exist.

Our mission: Entrepreneurship

We act as entrepreneurs. We seize opportunities with ambition and responsibility. We share with partners commitments, risks, efforts, volition, stamina and solidarity in challenging stages and success.

Economics of Trust

Effective partnerships are critical to our success. Partnerships are based on trust. Trust eases communication and allows fast decisions and flexible reactions. Transparency, reliability, standing up for own responsibilities, and fair consideration of the interests of all stakeholders are the basis to trust.

Individuality and diversity

Progress arises from new solutions. Freedom to create, the will to realise own ideas and appreciation of diversity and learning from one another are necessary requirements for innovation.

Respect and integrity

Respect, transparency and integrity are core values. We look for partners and colleagues with strong personality and character, who exponentiate such an environment and use it for their own success.

Turgot Partners

Dr. Christoph Beckmann

Dr. Christoph Beckmann

Christoph Beckmann is founder and managing partner.

Previously,  Christoph was successfully working as board member and MD in different service companies. Amongst others he was CMO and board member of SWISS International Air Lines, MD of opus 5 interactive media and Senior Vice President for group strategy of Deutsche Bahn AG.

Christoph Beckmann has studied industrial engineering at the technical university of Darmstadt and 1994 he did a doctor’s degree in marketing and management of innovations

Dr. Andreas Poensgen

Dr Andreas Poensgen

Andreas Poensgen is founder and managing partner.

Andreas worked more than 20 years for The Boston Consulting Group, many years as Partner and Senior Partner. He had various leading roles in the development of the European Health Care Practice since 1996 and led the business in Switzerland as CEO. Before joining BCG Mr. Poensgen worked in the Investment Banking Division at Deutsche Bank AG.

Andreas Poensgen has studied history, philosophy of law and musical science in Göttingen. In 1986/87 he graduated and did a doctor’s degree at Oxford University as Cecil Rhodes Scholar in International Relations.

The inspiration behind the brand

Anne Robert Jacques Turgot, 1727-1781
French statesman / thinker .... Leading figure of the Enlightenment and courageous state and economic reformer

• Founder of economics and mentor of Adam Smith
• Laws of yield and the importance of capital formation
• Benefits of division of labour and trade
• Social responsibility of capital

Perceptive, open and direct.