Strong belief in innovation

Innovation results from experience, pioneering spirit and the courage to try something new. Turgot Ventures believes in the power of innovation.

Turgot Ventures offers investors, partners and entrepreneurs the opportunity to live innovations.



„ It is not error that opposes so much progress – it is indolence, obstinacy and the spirit of routines, everything which favors inaction ”

Anne Robert Jacques Turgot

(1727- 1781), French Stateman and Economist

Active Investing in Innovative Companies

We help entrepreneurs for founding teams to build new ventures.


Engaged as active investors during the seed- and growth-phase

Active participation in developing strategies and operating models from idea to maturity

Active participation in designing solutions to overcome hurdles and reach targets

Active help in recruiting, negotiations, design of processes and organisation, developing winning cultures

Active help in funding rounds, debt financing and corporate transactions/ M&A

Support as a member of the board

Our investment horizon is long-term

Partial exits to free funding for other investments

Building Ventures for Corporates

We support corporate partners to use internal and external innovation potential, transform opportunities,
test and develop business models, and create and manage a venture pipeline.

Identify, optimise and evaluate business modelI

Design business-specific development strategies in controlled phases of development

Incubate found and build for proof of concepts and scale ventures

Recruit winning teams

Focus organisations on vision, mission and strategy

Support funding and corporate transactions

Manage investments, lead or participate in boards

Mentor senior management

Advisory Services

Turgot Ventures supports portfolio companies and other companies on
issues of strategic direction in building their own business by.

Tailoring and improving business models and strategy

Securing organisational fitness in terms of values and culture

Increasing operational effectiveness

Supporting related financial transactions

The inspiration behind the brand

Anne Robert Jacques Turgot, 1727-1781
French statesman / thinker .... Leading figure of the Enlightenment and courageous state and economic reformer

• Founder of economics and mentor of Adam Smith
• Laws of yield and the importance of capital formation
• Benefits of division of labour and trade
• Social responsibility of capital

Perceptive, open and direct.